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Secure Your Treasures with Our Custom Wood Crates - EARTHRELO

Secure Your Treasures with Our Custom Wood Crates

When it comes to international shipping, the safety of your delicate items is paramount. Earthrelo’s custom wood crates are the perfect solution for ensuring that your valuable possessions, from large mirrors and prized artwork to glass tabletops and timeless antiques, are securely transported to their global destinations. Trust in our expertise to provide the ultimate protection with our international shipping crates, tailored to safeguard your items every step of the way.

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Custom Crating Tailored to Your Needs

At Earthrelo, we craft the finest wooden custom crates, designed to meet the unique demands of packing, crating, and shipping your equipment. We meticulously consider factors such as weight, dimensions, fragility, value, and final destination to construct a wooden crate that meets your exact specifications.

Our expertise in shipping logistics allows us to create custom crates for a wide array of items, including but not limited to displays, machinery, computers, electronics, as well as graphics and literature.

Clearance & Delivery - Earthrelo

Fine Art and Antique Moving

At Earthrelo, we understand the value and importance of your fine art and antiques. That's why we have a team of trained and experienced movers who can pack, move, and protect your precious items with the utmost care and professionalism. No artwork is too big or too challenging for us.

International Relocation Services - Earthrelo


Our international moving services are second to none. With an in-depth understanding of customs clearance and international moving regulations, Earthrelo boasts a global network of offices and agents poised to facilitate every aspect of your relocation.

Auto Shipping - Earthrelo

Auto Shipping

We are your reliable partner for your auto shipping needs. Whether you’re moving to a neighboring state or overseas, we can handle it. You can choose from open or enclosed carriers, door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal delivery and more. We will take care of your car as if it were our own and deliver it to your destination safely and on time.

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Special Crating For Your Special Items

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Flat-Screen TVs
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Glass or Marble
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Rahul Dubey
Rahul Dubey
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma
Me and my family used Earth relocation to move from Los Angeles, CA to Chennai , India their sales team and operations team were very helpful during my move to India. Earth Packing team packed each and every item properly and loaded it into the container. There destination delivery partner was very helpful with the paperwork and delivery. My shipment safely arrived and delivered to my location. Will definitely refer Earth relocation to my Friends and Family members.
Himanshu Sharma
Himanshu Sharma
Earth Relocation's service is excellent.
Bharat Thakur
Bharat Thakur
I used earth relocation for my Move from Irvine, CA to Delhi, India. They had a very experienced packing crew, Operations team and sales Team. All my stuff arrived safely. I will definitely recommend it to family and friends. Thank you.
Rahul Soni
Rahul Soni
They are simply great, had a wonderful experience moving my stuff overseas. They charges good price and everything came on time and stuff was delivered without a scratch. Operation and sales team are very cooperative they provide excellent service. Greg and team also provide me great service.
Shubanshu Singh
Shubanshu Singh
Excellent Service i have recently used moving seevice of household goods from Boston,MA to Mumbai,India. the operation and sales team is very experienced and cooperative i will definitely recommend them to my family and friends.
Batul Peatiwala
Batul Peatiwala
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