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Blessed with 600 beautiful castles, lots of sheep that outweigh the human population, mesmerizing beaches, beautiful landscapes, and three national parks, Wales seems to be an auspicious country, and it truly is promising for any American moving to Wales from US. Imagine what relocating to the home of ‘rugby’ would be for you! The best guess is that in the first week of your arrival, you would immerse yourself in rugby, the sport that now seems to be a way of life, and have a nice tour around one of the many castles and ultimately, the Swallow Falls Waterfall. That would be fun!

Is Wales Part Of England?

Wales is a part of the United Kingdom but is not a part of England. Wales is a country of its own that forms a part of the UK.

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How To Move To Wales

To get yourself safely to this historic country blessed with castles and sheep, you will need some important paperwork and other essentials to make moving to Wales from US quicker. So, here is a list of the things you need to get yourself to Wales.


The first thing you need is a visa, although US citizens can stay in Wales for six months without a visa as long as their passport is valid. There are several visa types, ensure to choose the one that suits your needs.

Required Documents

This usually includes a valid US passport that remains authentic six months after your supposed departure, passport photographs, and other paperwork.

Job Offer

If you are moving to Wales for work purposes, endeavor to get a job offer before leaving.

Admittance To A UK Or Welsh University

Students must gain admission to a Welsh or UK university before moving.


Wales is a wet country, so ensure to get lots of waterproof jackets and boots.

An Apartment

It is advisable to get an apartment before moving and then move your belongings in.

A UK Phone Number Bank Account

If you plan to work in wales, you will need a UK phone number and bank account.


Cost Of Living In Wales

Living in Wales is bound to be different from the US in every aspect, especially in the area of living expenses. And of course, it is only sensible that you check out what the cost of living would be to understand fully what you are getting into. So, the cost of living in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, when compared to San Francisco, California in the US, is This shows that relocating to Wales wouldn’t be so expensive for you. But in retrospect, it all depends on how you spend, what you spend on, and the area you decide to reside in Wales. These are the things that truly influence your overall living expenses. Nonetheless, the table below explicitly shows the average monthly living expenses in Wales.

Average Living Expenses Amount in USD Amount in GBP
Single person 2,070.85 1,486
Family of four 4,002.91 2,873


Is Wales Expensive To Live In?

In comparison to the US or other parts of the UK, Wales is not expensive to live in. The cost of living in this country is relatively low.

Pros And Cons Of Living In Wales

We know you are pretty excited about moving to Wales from USA, and we know you’ve heard all about the wonders of this beautiful country located in the UK. But it is high time you knew that moving to Wales is not always exciting. There would be a time when the cons of moving to Wales would hit you and you would forget all about the pros or wonders of this country, but not worry, it would pass because the pros of living in Wales always outweigh the cons. However, here is a table that clearly shows the pros and cons of moving to Wales from US.

Pros Cons
It is cheaper than in the US. The names of streets and towns are overly long and difficult to pronounce.
It is a place for rain lovers. It rains most of the time and poses some issues to inhabitants.
Lots of beautiful castles. The castles occupy the major areas of Wales.
It has a captivating history. Driving is rarely safe.
It has lots of beautiful beaches. The Welsh are highly patriotic (not entirely a bad thing, but we understand how it would seem to an American).
The Welsh are friendly. Gas prices are expensive.
Outdoor life with lots of national parks. There may be communication problems because Welsh is spoken by most people.

What Is The Weather Like In Wales?

The weather in Wales is quite different from the United States. Wales has an oceanic climate that is humid and cool most of the year. But Wales’ climate tends to be unpredictable because you could be having the time of your life on a beach and within ten minutes, it might begin to rain. It could also be sunny, depending on the area, and that’s why you could be having a rainy morning, and all of a sudden, the sun would pop out in the afternoon. For the inland regions, there could be lots of heavy snowfall and extreme cold during the winters, while the coastal areas are relatively mild. With the hottest months being between June and August and the early winter months between October and January, Summer (between June and August) is usually the best time to move to Wales.

Does It Snow In Wales?

The inland areas get enough snow during the winter.

Best Places To Live In Wales

So, you have pondered on the idea of relocating to Wales and you’ve decided to push through with it, but have you thought of where to reside in Wales? Of course, Wales has a lot of cities and towns and it could get slightly confusing―if not frustrating―to choose what city or town you would love to live in Wales. So, putting your safety (generally, Wales is a safe place), nationality, and every other necessary thing into consideration, these are the best places to live as an American moving to Wales.


You will be mesmerized by the cool outdoor lifestyle and the beautiful streets.


This village is appropriate for you if you love fishing, sailing, and other rural activities.


A suitable city with lots of marvels and an unbelievable low cost of living.


Lots of fresh air and beautiful natural landscapes to see.


If you want to enjoy a combination of beautiful beaches and mountains, this town is right for you.

Jobs In Wales For Americans

One of the major things that you would want to inquire about when moving down to Wales is the nature of the job market. Wales, like every other part of the UK, has a competitive job market. And the whole system would seem new to you because you are in a different country with a different currency. However, to keep you informed, we have prepared a table with the high-demanded jobs in Wales and their average yearly salaries.

Job Title Average Salary $
Customer Service Advisor $26,067.59
Software Engineer $76,257.50
Business Analyst $58,230.06
Operations Manager $58,923.27
Delivery Driver $33,794.23
Pharmacy Manager $58,179.56

Should I Move To Wales?

Wales is a beautiful country in the UK with lots of opportunities waiting to be tapped by you. So, move to Wales and tap from its fountain of opportunities. Good luck with your relocation!

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