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Uruguay is the epitome of the pacific coexistence of peace in Latin American countries. Despite having a small population of 3.4 million inhabitants, Uruguay possesses a leading position in social inclusion. Alongside the continuous economical stability for the last fifteen years, Uruguay has built outstanding political and social stability.

The capital of Uruguay, Montevideo, is one of the serene cities in Latin America that has a unique laid-back lifestyle to offer to the Expats which brings out the perfect equilibrium to the work-life and peace to the digital nomads. The prominent industry industries where the expats prefer to work are the aviation industry, Construction, and the Agricultural field. The economical advances significantly back up the well-being of the people of this country.

Apart from that, the country is Expat friendly and possesses pretty liberal and agile immigration reception policies having a strict no-discrimination policy.

The fertile lowlands of Uruguay create a natural coastal area for its borders, touching its neighboring countries. If you are a fan of living in a country with a pleasant atmosphere, then not only its pleasant climate but even the warm and welcoming hearts of Uruguayans will bring you to this country to spend the best time of your life!

Now, thinking about moving to Uruguay from US? Then, this will be your quick handbook to Uruguay covering every vital aspect that you must know before planning your big move to this beautiful country of southern America.

Connect with the best moving company in Uruguay, Earthrelo! and begin your journey in the best way possible.

Quick Facts about Uruguay:

  • Spoken Languages: Spanish, English
  • Major religion: Catholic and Christian
  • Largest cities: Montevideo, Cuidad de la Costa, and Salto
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American Moving To Uruguay.

USA and Uruguay, both countries share numerous values as developed countries like their commitment to human rights, democracy, and sound economic policies. However, you can find multiple differences as well.

Although the official language of Uruguay is Spanish, Uruguayan Spanish has a bit different zing to it that makes it a bit different from the original language. Financially speaking, to live well in this one of the safest Latin American countries, you need to be prepared to spend around 2000 USD for two people a month as per the standard average cost of living in the leading cities of Uruguay.

If you plan to stay in Uruguay for more than 90 days and for a long significant time in Uruguay, you would require obtaining a permanent residency. And in order to obtain that, you would require to prepare the following documents in the initial stage of your big move to Uruguay from US.

  1. A background check report
  2. Proof of your income
  3. An Uruguay health card
  4. Birth certificate( to obtain Uruguay ID before residency)
  5. Apostilled police records

As soon as you submit these documents, you will receive the temporary ID card, which will give you a “Resident in process “status till you get the final approval of becoming the permanent resident of Uruguay.

As a new resident of Uruguay, you are entitled to move your household thing duty-free to the country. Once you formally apply for a residency, you can move your household items under this program. You can take the help of an agent to move your household items without any hurdles. There are mainly three types of agents that usually Expats take assistance during their move to Uruguay from USA. You can opt for an agent at your convenience.

  • The customs agent
  • The Uruguayan local moving agent
  • International moving agent

American Working In Uruguay

The all-time highest employment rate recorded in Uruguay is around 51%. However, this country has around a 57.81% employment ratio on average. As an American getting a job in Uruguay is a bit difficult due to many elements like language barrier and change of economical environment. Often the international companies located in Uruguay are looking for skilled employees who are proficient in the English language. And this could be your chance to get a decent job that matches your skillsets.

Suppose you have any such experiences in fields like below. In that case, you are most likely to get a job without many difficulties once you relocate to Uruguay from US as they import and export a high number of these commodities to their country from the USA.

  1. Fuel Industry
  2. Wind turbines
  3. Agricultural Machinery
  4. Telecommunications
  5. Fertilizers
  6. Renewable energy equipment
  7. Chemicals
  8. Honey
  9. Leather
  10. Oil
  11. Computer Hardware
  12. Security equipment

If we talk about the numbers, the typical salary ranges from a minimum of 8340 UYU to 147,000 UYU depending upon your skill set and experience in that particular industry. These numbers include the transport, housing, and other additional benefits that come with your annual package.

Healthcare For American People

When people think of Uruguay as a country, its robust healthcare system could not be the first thing that comes to their mind. However, Uruguay has played a pioneering role while developing one of the exceptional healthcare systems in southern America. Uruguay has set high standards, which have become an exemplary nation that has built an extensive medical facility for its people.

Mainly, there are two types of healthcare for the people of Uruguay. The first one is public healthcare services provided by governmental resources, and the other is private, which is run by private enterprises.

The public healthcare system of Uruguay is localy known as ASSE or the Administración de Los Servicios de Salud del Estado. This public healthcare plan has no or nill fees for Uruguay’s economically backward or poor class. On the other hand, Uruguay’s private healthcare services have been known as private mutualista plans, which are like a membership program at a private medical facility. This may cost a patient about $100 monthly.

Housing And Accommodation

The process of settling in a new country could be a bit overwhelming. In the process, feeling comfortable and homely-like is crucial for any Expat in a completely new country. And a warm homely house can make all that craving for your homeland satisfied at a core level. In Uruguay, the process of renting, buying, or selling a property is quite convenient for immigrants.

Expats who usually do the Relocation to Uruguay from us prefer to join their vast community spread across numerous cities of Uruguay. The top picks of the cities in immigrants are Montevideo, Colonia, Punta Del Este, Palermo and Maldonado.

In the beginning stage of your move to Uruguay from US, you can find multiple temporary living options like Hotels, Airbnb, and Hostels for Expats.

After that, you can apply for a rented house or initiate the purchase of a house based on your financial capabilities. In Uruguay, the landlords do not ask explicitly for a guarantee, but eventually, you must submit it. There are various regimes to follow when you are renting a house. For instance,

  • Providing a guarantee with a bond or a property
  • Deposit Guarantee
  • The regime of rent without a guarantee
  • Third-party guarantee services

If you are an authentic culture lover, the old city area of Montevideo is the perfect locality for you to settle in. If you want to experience the urban lifestyle of Uruguay, then the downtown area will be the most suitable option for you. Either way, once you move to Uruguay from the USA, you will fall in love with its beauty to which you would never want to leave!

Education In Uruguay

Uruguay government firms believe in providing education to their young generation. As a result of such a mindset, they have been considered one of the top literate Latin American countries with the highest literacy ratio of 96% compared to numerous developed countries.

If you are relocating to Uruguay from USA with your kids. In that case, it could be beneficial for you in many ways as it has free education at each level of schooling from primary to higher secondary. In addition to that, it has compulsory to take education for those students who come between ages 6 to 11.

The children of the age of 6 are required to enter the school as per Uruguayan law. Children enter the first stage of school at the age of 12. And once they reach age 15, they can pursue advanced level courses as per their caliber and vocation in different streams. Even though Spanish is considered the first language, equal importance has been given to Portuguese and English in the starting grades of education. Apart from the language maths, history and sciences have also been taught throughout their higher studies level. And after that, the student can pursue the specific field of their choice.

For higher studies, Uruguay consists of numerous universities providing international-level education in multiple fields and streams with a vast range of specialty courses, especially in Montevideo. Some of the top universities are The University of Republic, The Catholic University of Uruguay, University of Montevideo, and Universidad de la Republica that are popular with international students.

Cost Of Living In Uruguay

Uruguay is a prominent choice to spend your retirement life in many American households. The resound is quite simple, Uruguay has a 25.81% cheaper cost of living compared to the USA, and that too with a strong economy and peaceful culture for the Expats. Therefore, who would not want the best of both worlds for themselves!

Now, let’s talk about on average cost of living in Uruguay. It definitely depends upon the kind of lifestyle you choose as per your financial stability and the area you choose to live in. However, if we crunch the numbers, here is the overall estimate. You can anticipate the average amount you need to be prepared to spare once you move to Uruguay from the US for a significant period.


GOOD/SERVICE Average Monthly Cost
Basic Lunch menu 616 UYU
Monthly rent for 900 sq ft. 39,395 UYU
Utilities (Gas, Heating, electricity) 5130 UYU
High-speed Internet 1250 UYU
Cleaning Help (Hourly basis) 300 UYU
1 liter gas 68 UYU
Cold medicine of 6 days 390 UYU


Get a chance to live in a blessed country with low hills and soft rolling hills. With a low level of poverty and high-end income ratio, Uruguay has become one of the ideal options in Latin American countries if you are planning to spend your retirement life in peace or even open a business in your peak years in one of the economically robust countries.

Then why wait? Connect with one of the best international moving companies in Uruguay, save your precious time, and begin your move to Uruguay from USA in the most effortless way possible!

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