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Taiwan is a small island residing in East Asia and has a total population of 23.3 million. Because of its small and compact size, it is easy to navigate the Taiwan map. Hence, most people head on to its capital, Taipei. Not to forget, having the world’s tallest Starbucks at the top, Taipei city boasts an excellent view.

Over the years, Taiwan has been quite a preferred destination for expats who are planning to relocate elsewhere. Moreover, due to the availability of all the requirements, it is easy for expats to settle in Taiwan from all over the globe.

However, if you are seeking to move to Taiwan from US, you must collect tons of information before considering your relocation process. That said, to help you further on your expat and international move, we at earthrelo present our country guide for you. Here’s to making your transition seamless! Read on to nail your move.

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US Expat Destinations In Taiwan

Taiwan is an excellent destination for expats wanting a peaceful relocation. A few famous expat destinations in Taiwan include,

Also known as the national capital, this region is a major hotspot for all Americans moving to Taiwan. The city is highly cultural and economic in all terms.

The airport is located here. This is a huge city and highly cheaper than Taipei.

This is the largest city in central Taiwan. It is famous for its artistic attractions, restaurants, etc. Moreover, this place is far cheaper than Taipei.

This region has extensive teaching opportunities and is best for people who are close to nature. If you wish to spend lovely weekends and explore mountains, this is your place.

After Taipei, this is the second-largest city and popular choice for expats. Quite affordable and satisfactory.

Being the original capital of Taiwan, this place appeals to all Taiwanese and history lovers for tasty food and brilliant culture.

A remote and highly scenic area where hippies, surfers, and backpackers will be more drawn. However, this region does not have many job opportunities.

Capital Taipei
Currency New Taiwan Dollar (TWD)
Language Chinese, Taiwanese
Population 23,603,049
Timezone GMT+8
Dialing Code +886
Emergency Number 112
Driving On The Right Side

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American Working In Taiwan

First things first. Expats moving to Taiwan from US cannot work without a Work permit. In fact, before you apply for a resident visa, make sure you take upon employment opportunities in Taiwan. No rules state that foreigners can begin a job in the ROC without holding a work permit.

To explain, you issue your work permit for a particular job with a specific employer which is valid for 3 years only. Nonetheless, you can extend it later. However, in case you change employers within the permit validity period, you need to reapply for a new permit.

Speaking of job opportunities, Taiwan is a brilliant country with lucrative jobs. Maximum companies around the industries include MNCs. There is a high demand for technicians, engineers, etc. in multinational companies and technical sectors. Irrespective of your skill set, Taiwan has job opportunities for all. Moreover, salaries in Taiwan are relatively high compared to the cost of living.

The country heavily relies on trade and commerce. Science parks play a vital role too.

Healthcare For American People

Taiwan has an outstanding healthcare facility and quality. Taiwan has a socialized healthcare plan, the National Health Insurance (NHI) that covers all citizens. With the evolution of technology and improving standards of healthcare, life expectancy is rising steadily.

The majority of the hospitals and clinics are located in the main metro regions. All doctors, medical practitioners, and other health care staff are highly qualified and trained as most of them hold international study certificates. English is a major language and is widely spoken in the Taiwan Healthcare sector. Considering your relocation to Taiwan from US, you will not face communication issues.

In short, Taiwanese healthcare includes,

  • Excellent accessibility
  • Complete population coverage
  • Mere waiting times
  • Low costs
  • National health insurance
  • Data bank for monitoring, planning, and evaluating health services

Moreover, all workers pay into the national health care system. Consequently, they receive free healthcare service except for a nominal fee of TWD150 ($5) per visit to the dentist or doctor. The best part is, waiting times are either short or don’t exist.

Now, in case you are not planning to take up residency in Taiwan or are relocating to Taiwan from US for a short period, you should pay cash for all the necessary medical services. If you have an international health insurance plan, you can retune your expenses but still have to pay cash upfront. Moreover, out of 5 hospitals in Taiwan, 4 are private. These accept insurance coverage by the NHI only. Bear in mind that credit cards are rarely accepted and cheques are never accepted.

Housing And Accommodation

Renting in Taiwan is highly cheap. However, bear in mind that prices do vary depending on the location. For instance, Taipei has high rental rates as compared to any other city.

According to statistics, one-bedroom apartment rent in a city centre location costs at least 13,987.96 NT$ (New Taiwan Dollar) per month. This is equal to $468.98 (USD). The same apartment in a less central location costs around 9,500.25 NT$ (£256.09 or $318.52). For bigger properties, the price increases dramatically. The suburban areas cost quite less than the city areas.

Upon considering your move to Taiwan from US, bear in mind that rent will be your main monthly expense. However, you will get different options to choose from, like renting a single room, having a big apartment to yourself, or enjoying a peaceful life away from the big cities. Although Taipei will lure you initially, it is a wonderful city and intimidating at the same time.

On the other hand, it is Kaohsiung. The average rent here is 45% cheap here as compared to Taipei. Initially to be quite honest, finding a home and accommodation in Taiwan can be daunting in case you fail to navigate the local Mandarin websites. You can search the real estate sites on the web to help you find the perfect accommodation.

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Visa And Registration

Taiwan offers 5 distinct types of Visa to expats relocating to Taiwan from US. This includes diplomatic, working holiday, courtesy, resident visa, and visitor. However, the last two are actually relevant to expats. The working holiday scheme is available to citizens of selected countries.

The resident visa is only valid for 3 months. But, one point to note is your stay depends on the validity of your Alien Resident Certificate. On your arrival to Taiwan, you need to get your Alien Resident Certificate. Now, Let’s look into it in detail.

Getting Your Alien Resident Certificate

The ARC (Alien Resident Certificate) is your chief identification and one of the most crucial documents you hold as an expat in Taiwan.

Your letter of approval depends on your purpose of stay. For example, students need to hand in a letter of admission from their university. Spouses need proof of their relationship (authenticated marriage certificate), and foreign labourers need a work permit.

The processing takes 10 working days. After changing your residency within Taiwan, you need to reapply for your ARC. Within 15 days of your move to Taiwan from US, you need to obtain this application. Along with the ARC, you must not forget to apply for a re-entry permit for ROC in case you plan to travel out of the country.

Citizenship In Taiwan

Bear in mind that even after holding an ARPC, you do not have similar rights to that of a citizen in Taiwan. For instance, you cannot vote. Locals will still consider expats as waiguoren (foreigners).

Moreover, it is highly rare for Americans moving to Taiwan for foreigners to attain a passport or Taiwanese citizenship. First and foremost, being an expat, you need to give up your country’s passport first. Recently, the Taiwanese government has been releasing citizenship to a certain bunch of foreigners with decades of expertise doing great things for Taiwan. These include priests, etc.

Education In Taiwan

The education system in Taiwan comprises 14 years of total schooling.

  • 2-year pre-school education
  • 6 years of primary education
  • 3 years of junior high school
  • 3 years of senior high school

After this, students can invest 4-7 years studying in a college or university. Furthermore, they can continue further 4 years to do a master’s degree, and later 2-7 years to obtain a doctorate.

As of now, every child must attend schooling for 9 years. 6 years of elementary school education, and 3 years in junior high school. Both vocational and senior high school education offers 3 years of study. Vocational courses are offered in subjects like commerce, industry, home economics, nursing, agriculture, nursing, marine studies, midwifery, and arts.

Preschool education between 2-6 ages is not compulsory in Taiwan. However, the majority of parents choose their children to attend kindergarten. Upon reaching the age of six, they need to begin school. Initially, in the first 2 years, children need to attend school for half days. After 6 years of primary schooling, children need to leave with an elementary school diploma certificate. No tests are conducted for entering junior high school.

Secondary Education: The Five-Year Junior College System
At the end of junior high school, students needing to follow the vocational and technological path can choose to attend a junior college program for 5 years. Here, education consists of 3 years of high school and 2 years of college-level study. In the end, students graduate with both a junior college diploma and high school certificate.

Cost Of Living In Taiwan

Expats relocating to Taiwan from US can expect the cost of living to be quite favorable. Below is a price breakdown for the cost of living in Taiwan.

Meal at an Inexpensive restaurant 100.00 NT$ 15.00 $
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 80.00 NT$ 6.00 $
Water (12 oz small bottle) 20.90 NT$ 1.56 $
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 352.16 NT$ 3.29 $
Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro) 120.00 NT$ 8.00 $
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 2,228.99 NT$ 168.23 $
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 5.40 NT$ 0.14 $
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 747.07 NT$ 66.70 $


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