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Considering moving to Pakistan’s one of the lead metropolitan cities like Islamabad, Karachi, or Lahore?

If you are contemplating beginning the journey of relocation to Pakistan then you have landed on the right place.

This sixth most populated city has a beautiful blend of Modern lifestyle and rich cultural values which fascinates every individual to have the experience as Pakistan has distinct attributes that no western country can provide.

Pakistan is included in one of the biggest nature-rich developing countries in the Asian region.

Pakistan is undoubtedly rich and diverse with its culture. The majority of the population follows Islam. Still, you can see diverse 15 sub religions, each having their customs and beliefs here, so one can find significant cultural shocks if they expect to live the same as the American lifestyle.

Although, Pakistan knows very well how to combine the modern living lifestyle and their rich culture altogether.

If you are moving to Pakistan from USA, you must be prepared to face their customs and a bit of a conservative approach towards public behavior compared to western culture.

Diverse culture also provides a stronghold of language and literature. People in Pakistan have immaculate taste in music and poetry. Ghazal and Qawwali are considered a treat to your ears and precious gems of the treasure of Pakistan. Sufism is also one of the popular genres that have given birth to several famous beautiful poetries around the globe.

Apart from music, one more thing Pakistanis love the most is their families! Economic, social, and cultural values make them put the family first no matter what their prominent traits are.

Generous hospitality and the love for the Chai(tea) of the people of Pakistan will enable you to make your small circle in no time promptly.

Before commencing the process of moving to Pakistan from US, there will be multiple factors that are needed to be considered.

The expert consultants at Earthrelo are well versed with the International relocation Services that will guide you in each step of moving to Pakistan.

Make your transition from the USA to Pakistan as polished and trouble-free as possible, regardless of the size of your move. Get assistance from one of the best moving companies in the industry.

However, before that, check out this essential in-depth moving checklist of Pakistan from the USA.

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Move To Pakistan From US

Visa Requirements

Undeniably, the original copy of the passport and visa document is a must carry on, but apart from that, if you are a foreign national, a proper work permit and NOC from the Government of Pakistan is also required.

Letter from employer and Employer certificate stating your minimum stay of three years. Furthermore, the expat must carry the photocopy of the visa and the certificate of transfer of resident with them.

Moreover, keep a Bank guarantee and inventory details of each shipment you are willing to transfer.

In the case of Pakistan nationals, keeping the National Identity card handy would be a wise choice.

The visa on arrival is not valid for American citizens moving to Pakistan. A tourist visa consists of a stay of a maximum of three months.

For a long-term stay, the American citizen needs to get proper employment and get a visa in accordance with that by showing the minimum stay of 3 years.

For Pakistani citizens living for the long term in the USA in the past, there is no need to apply for Visa approval while entering into the country.

Overseas Shipping Checklist:

To pass through Pakistan customs swiftly and without any hassle, one needs to stick to several shipping regulations, and here are the guidelines for International expats.

Used and old household furniture will require no significant formalities to be checked out, but the new items will be considered to calculate the duties.

One needs to take care of few formalities at the starting point of the entrance of the country.

  • Original Invoice of the shipment
  • Customs Form A
  • The passport
  • Physical presence
  • Proof of your permanent return to the home country in case of Foreign Nationals.

Do note that Pakistan imports duties on goods like Electrical items, perfumes, Tobacco, toiletries, and major appliances.

Moreover, if you are traveling with your pet, you need to keep the required valid documents close. Your pet can be transported as cargo and baggage or can travel with you as a passenger in case you are traveling by air.

Preparations Before Relocation:

You are moving with thousands of worth valuables and delicate household furniture, which can cost you fortunes if it gets stolen or damaged.

Having proper insurance for your belongings is just not only right but is a wise and rational choice to make. For starters, one can open a bank account in one of the international banks, for instance, Citibank or Standard Chartered bank to get started with the bank transactions and get done with the first installment or the premium of the private or health Insurance policy even before commencing the journey of relocation to Pakistan.

Earthrelo is a one-stop solution catering to your every need, and we have got you covered here as well.

Call us now to get a free quick estimate of your requirements and get the best shipping service to make your move to Pakistan as smooth as possible!

Cost Of Moving To Pakistan From US

The currency of Pakistan is the Pakistani Rupee having global currency code PKR. USD is considered a strong currency compared to PKR. Therefore the regular living expenses in Pakistan would be considerably cheaper than in the USA.

Although the cost of Moving to Pakistan from US could be calculated differently, one thing is common in both that multiple factors have to be considered.

This includes the size of your move, the mode of transit, and the city of the destination country.

Of course, the cost of moving to Pakistan may increase respectively if you are moving with your family as your belongings will increase as per the total number of family members.

Opting for the right moving company for the relocation process to Pakistan is crucial as it can affect multiple factors in your transit.

Connect with our experienced and skilled international Relocation Consultants to get the best price around and top-class moving services.

Our enthusiastic international relocation expert team will facilitate not only the process of moving to Pakistan but also will give profound assistance to help you settle in quite conveniently there.

Get A 360-Degree View Before Moving To Pakistan From US

Weather And Geography

Pakistan has a unique geographical location that allows it to stay immune to natural calamities like earthquakes. It has a pretty diverse landscape consisting of major parts of Northern Pakistan highlands and central Pakistan with its Indus river plain.

If you have been living in the USA, you will find the weather of Pakistan a bit warmer in the beginning period of your stay in the country.

Hence, include more cotton clothing in your wardrobe essentials to pack while moving to Pakistan from US as you might experience the weather with the high temperature for most of the time of the year. On the other hand, the winter season may not last longer compared to the western countries in Pakistan.

Moreover, if you have just moved from USA to Pakistan, the winter season might just feel like a cold breeze to you, and you may not even need the thick winter clothing like you have been wearing in the USA.

The Employment Structure

Getting acquainted with the professional network in Pakistan would be the first step anyone should initiate if one needs to get secure an extensive position in a highly competitive job market.

Picking up a bit of Urdu can be beneficial even for English-speaking corporate companies in Pakistan. Even though Pakistan is considered one of the most populated countries in the Asian region, you still can find plentiful job opportunities if you possess good talent and skills.

Working weeks are a bit longer, consisting of around 48 hours a week than the American working culture. Paid leaves are also comparatively lower. However, a more extended number of the festival holidays here pretty much sweeten up the deal.

If we talk about the sectors which generate the maximum employment and touch the highest employment ratio, apparel manufacturing, and textile production industry steals the show with 40% of the total employment of the country; however, sectors like the IT sector and primary sector also dynamically plays a huge role making the Economy of Pakistan more constructive.

The software development industry has grown outstandingly in Pakistan. Software developers earn the highest salaries compared to other professions. If we speak in the language of numbers on average the estimation starts with around Rs 2,00,000 per month. Other high-end paying job profiles include product managers and financial analysts.

The demand for skilled talents like copywriters, teachers, and graphic designers has also been recorded at a high rate in the past couple of months.

Healthcare System

Pakistan’s healthcare system relies not much on the public sector for medical services. In other words, most of the population in Pakistan relies heavily on private medical services rather than the public.

As the numbers speak, more than 80% of people go to private clinics for their medical visits. Therefore taking the service of private insurance could be the ideal choice for the expats.

In Urban areas, the healthcare system is significantly proper and adequate; however, we can not claim with the same confidence for certain rural areas.

To get access to fine adequate healthcare services, it is advisable to get your accommodation in one of the main cities like Lahore or Islamabad.

On another hand, the path of the proper healthcare system in rural areas seems a bit patchy as diseases like Malaria and tuberculosis are still widely spread in large size of the area of rural Pakistan.

Quick Fact: Pakistan holds an incredible record of having the largest network of volunteer ambulance services providing free healthcare and shelter for the homeless since 1997.

Pakistan Education System

One can observe a drastic distinction between the education system in Pakistan and the USA.

The basic structure of the education system itself is a bit different in Pakistan. Putting their kids in one of the International schools of Pakistan is a pretty popular choice in Pakistan.

Although quality government education is compulsory and free in Pakistan, which focuses more on a child’s development from the base level, the country faces a high ratio of gender disparity and a low ratio of literacy rate.

Secondary and high school education vastly give importance to the skill development of their students which allows them to put themself out there in the competitive skilled-oriented industry sectors with the utmost confidence.

On the other hand, the USA’s education system primarily focused on community work and volunteered towards a society more than the academic success of a child overall.

One of the top benefits of a Pakistan Education system is it is available for everyone and provide plenty of opportunities to educate themself whoever is actually willing to and most important of all is the cost of higher education is almost half of the cost you would need to pay in the USA.

Therefore, low fees and available quality resources of higher education make the education system a treasure in various terms comparatively the USA education system.

Cost Of Living In Pakistan

Pakistan is considered one of the cheapest countries to live in after Nepal and India. Even the major cities can provide an incredible high-end luxurious lifestyle in just only a few bucks. When you put both the countries Pakistan and the USA in comparison, you can get a more comfortable lifestyle in a lot less spending ratio in Pakistan quite easily.

The prime cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi are evolving into one of the top cosmopolitan destinations and lure more and more expats by offering a vast range of affordable accommodation and other basic infrastructural amenities in just a few bucks!

When it comes to considering the standard living expenses in Pakistan, they are relatively lower than the western countries. The major expense that one needs to handle is accommodation. Apart from that, one can access other facilities and basic amenities at the considerably lowest rates.

The primary expense one needs to consider while living in Pakistan is the accommodation and then the transportation cost.

If we pick one of the top urban areas, Karachi, the accommodation cost starts from around Rs 22000 depending on your requirement and choice, and around Rs 30,000 could sum up the cost of transportation and food for two people.

Still, it is ten times cheaper than the cost one would have to bear in one of the popular metro cities worldwide, London or New York. Your savings could go higher in no time after your move to Pakistan from the USA.

If we bifurcate the into various attributes of the standard of living in Pakistan, we could have average numbers for a person willing to spend at least a year in Pakistan.

Monthly expenses Average Monthly Cost
House rent Rs. 25000
Internet connectivity Rs 3000
Monthly Health Insurance starts from Rs 5000
Public transport/Bus pass Rs 900
Private school fees Rs 25000
Petrol/ Gasoline per liter Rs 68-70

It is noted that these costs are subject to differ as per the city you live in in Pakistan. However, one should expect only a minor difference. There have not been major changes in the cost of living in various urban areas of the country.

These numbers can be differed based on the fact of the total number of members of the family. Still, on average, the total cost could end up around Rs 30000 to 40000 for a single person, and for the four-person family, you can have an estimate of about Rs 1,20,000 yearly.

Now, it seems a wise decision to move to Pakistan from US considering the high cost of living, isn’t it?


All of the in-depth information and data can be a bit overwhelming to process for anyone. To lessen your burden, we have tried to provide an in-depth description that what factors and attributes one needs to be prepared to experience.

If we crunch the numbers, more than fifty thousand Americans reside in Pakistan, living their life peacefully and with ease. The education system, employment opportunities, and low cost of living, every attribute seem in favor of the standard of living in Pakistan.

The country has gracious and welcoming culture and people; however, moving to Pakistan from USA can be a bit tricky as both countries have distinct ways of functioning while if one considers living there permanently.

Our versatile and experienced experts will always try to make the hard part of the journey, the process of relocating to Pakistan from USA, makes it hassle-free and convenient for you as much as possible.

Although Our experience of executing more than 10,000 successful international relocation journeys speaks more volume than any words can.

So, contact us now to get started with your relocation process to Pakistan on a positive note and make one cross ahead of your relocation checklist!

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