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When you think of tulips, the first place that comes to mind is the Netherlands. Perhaps you are thinking of moving to Netherlands, to tour the Garden of Europe (Keukenhof), where all the flowery enchantment dwells. Or you are just hypnotizingly in love with this beautiful European country, where bicycles outweigh the human population, and where bridges and windmills form tourist attractions. There could be more reasons why you are keen on moving to Netherlands from US. It could also be that you have given up on the American dream already and want to do things the Dutch way. Well, it’s up to you; you may have other reasons.

But think of the magical landscapes, 1,281 bridges that look more magical than the bridge to Terabithia, one month paid vacation, exhilarating student life, delectable bread, and the rich historic culture of the Dutch, this proves that this country has a lot to offer; and that is why it attracts so many expats all over the world. The Netherlands, being multicultural and diverse, is one of the best places for expats. So, if you decide to move to this awesome country, here is how to move to Netherlands from US without hassles.

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Visa For Moving To Netherlands From US

US citizens are allowed to stay in the Netherlands for ninety days without a Schengen visa as long as their passports are valid for a minimum of three months after their expected time of departure. However, this only lets them stay temporarily (for six months) for business or tourist reasons. If you decided to stay in the Netherlands for more than six months, you would have to obtain a visa. There are several visa types available, you can check out the immigration to know what visa is suitable for you.

To obtain the Schengen visa, you will have to meet the following general requirements or have the following documents.

  • The filled out and printed copy of the .
  • Proof of funds.
  • Two passport-sized photographs.
  • A valid passport with at least two free pages that remains authentic three months after your return date.
  • A cover letter that shows your reason for moving to the Netherlands.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Copies of past visas.

Cost Of Living In Netherlands Vs US

Based on comparative analysis, the cost of living in the Netherlands is 10% more expensive than in the United States. The living expenses skyrocketed with food, clothes, and transportation being far more expensive in the Netherlands than in the United States. But as with every cost of living analysis, some factors contribute to the total estimate. Some of these factors include the city you decide to live in, your choice of education and apartment, family size, and lifestyle. If you choose to live in a major city like Amsterdam, where the monthly cost of living for a single person is ($3,028.75), your living expenses would increase significantly.

Nonetheless, Netherlands is generally expensive to live in. That’s why it is advisable to stick to a realistic budget while in the country. To fully understand the cost of living between these two countries, here is a more detailed comparison.

Average Monthly Cost of Living Netherlands (USD) United States (USD)
Family of four 5,004.28 4,611
Single person 2,713.38 2,607

How To Become A Citizen Of The Netherlands

You can become a citizen of the Netherlands on grounds of naturalization, option procedure, and the acknowledged parentage. Here is how to go about it.

Check Your Eligibility Status

You can only qualify for naturalization when you have lived in the country for at least five years with a residence permit. However, there are other requirements, you will have to check out the official immigration .

Get The Required Documents

Some essential documents needed for the processing of your citizenship include your birth certificate, marriage certificate, an authentic residence permit, civic integration diploma, and a valid passport.

Apply At Your Municipality

You are to fill out the citizenship application form and other essential documents at the municipality.

Pay The Fee

If you are applying alone for the option procedure, you will pay €196. Conversely, you will have to pay €925 if you are applying for naturalization. Check out the for more details regarding the application fee.

Wait Till It Has Been Processed

The option procedure usually takes about three months to process, while naturalization takes about a year to be processed.

Netherlands Healthcare System

The Netherlands has a universal healthcare system but the notion of free or public healthcare is almost nonexistent in the country. Only children under 18 years old receive free health coverage with no additional fee. So, if you are immigrating to Netherlands from US, you will have to get private insurance coverage at least four months after you arrive in the country. In the Netherlands, you are permitted to choose any health insurance provider of your choice as long as you have basic coverage. However, private insurance coverage isn’t so expensive; it usually costs between and €120. But if you are an employee in the country, your employer will provide some basic health coverage for you to ensure that you get the basic medical treatment and have access to a General Practitioner.

Getting a huisarts (family doctor or GP) is highly important because they are the ones that keep track of medical data, prescribe drugs, and recommend specialists in the Netherlands. The average cost of seeing a doctor in the Netherlands is about €47 but there could be additional charges if the doctor is called outside of his regular office hours, which could cost €92.

Jobs For Americans In Netherlands

Getting a job in the Netherlands as an American can be quite frustrating especially when you are planning on moving to the Netherlands without a job. If you are in this situation, the best thing to do is find international companies to work with, format your CV to the Dutch style, socialize, and try to learn Dutch (if you don’t understand the language). Hopefully, when things go well for you, you will find that the Netherlands’ job market is loaded with opportunities for everyone, and an average good pay of 3,000 euro a month, which is quite comfortable.

As an American moving to Netherlands from US, the job market is bound to be different from how it was in the US, so it is essential to get yourself prepared by knowing what jobs are suitable for Americans in the Netherlands. So, here is a table showing the best jobs for Americans and their average monthly salaries.

Job Average Salary (USD) Average Salary (EUR)
Accountant 4,213 3,540
UX Designer 6,117 5,140
Architect 10,818 9,090
Marketing Manager 6,498 5,460
Product Manager 8,461 7,110

Banking And Tax System

Regarding banking, there are two major bank account types in the country; savings and current account. However, the youth account and the joint account are also available in the Netherlands. Since you will have to open a bank account for taxation reasons, no one can work in the Netherlands without first opening a national or international bank account with a Dutch bank. There are a variety of national, international, and online banking options available for you in the country, and most payments are done via online or mobile bank transfer.

Moving to the taxation system, everyone who earns in the country is bound to declare taxes. The taxation system however complicated it might be is favorable to expats as they receive 30% non-taxable income for the first five years of living in the Netherlands. So, with the tax rate starting at 36.65%, the rate generally increases as your income increases. So, someone earning an annual income of €68,508 or more will be taxed at a 51.75% rate. However, regarding bonuses, your bonus will be taxed as your income but at the highest tax bracket your income falls into.

Moving To Netherlands From US With Pets

The Netherlands is a loving environment for pets, dogs especially. Cities like Amsterdam, are generally considered pet-friendly; so, if you are planning on moving to the Netherlands with your pet, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Now, here are the things you must know about moving your dog to the Netherlands from the US. This also applies to other pets coming into the Netherlands from the US.

  • You can bring in any dog breed to the Netherlands, including the Pitbull.
  • Your dog must be at least fifteen weeks old.
  • At twelve weeks old, your dog must be vaccinated.
  • You have to wait for twenty-one days after your dog’s rabies vaccination before bringing it into the country.
  • Your dog is expected to be microchipped and must have a pet passport.

Netherlands Travel Restriction During Covid

Owing to the global pandemic that struck the world, the Netherlands has placed some strict travel restrictions to ensure the safety of the country and its citizens. Currently, there is a travel ban on entry into the Netherlands from any Non-EU country. So, here are some of the things you need to take note of regarding the Covid travel restrictions in the Netherlands.

  • You can only come to the Netherlands for very important reasons.
  • You need to look up the for travels to the Netherlands.
  • You must check the list of countries subjected to the Dutch flight ban.
  • You need to ensure that you look up the website for the covid testing and provide a negative covid-19 test result.
  • Self-quarantine for ten days after your arrival and be ready for day 5 covid testing.

Best Places To Live In The Netherlands

There are several amazing places in the Netherlands, but as an expat relocating to Netherlands, you will be interested in knowing what areas are best to live in. It is important to note that several factors affect your choice. It could be that you prefer to live in a city that is close to your office (if you are moving to Netherlands from US for work purposes), or you prefer somewhere close to all the city centers. It’s your call, but while thinking of a good place to live in the Netherlands, don’t forget to put safety and cost into consideration. Nonetheless, here is a list of some best places to live in the Netherlands.

The Hague

A beautiful, legal, sophisticated, and affordable city. You can have fun visiting all the thirty-eight museums or just relaxing on the beach.


Start your day by exploring the city and its proximity to other beautiful major cities.


This beautiful city is appropriate for you if you are a culture lover.


This historic city is filled with lots of families and could also be right for you if you want to be close to the major cities in the Netherlands.


  • Can A US Citizen Retire In Netherlands?

    American retirees are permitted to stay in the Netherlands without a visa for six months as long as their passport remains valid till their return date. However, this visa-free entry is only available for business and tourist purposes. If American retirees decide to make the Netherlands their new home, they can apply for a visa to stay longer.

  • Is The Netherlands A Rich Or Poor Country?

    The Netherlands is a rich country. It ranks 18th for the richest country in the world according to the 2021 rankings. Also, in the EU, the Netherlands is considered the richest country.

  • Where Do Expats Live In Netherlands?

    Most American expats prefer to live in Amsterdam because of the diversity; that’s why Amsterdam is home to about 110,000 expats. However, some of them are also settled in the Hague.

  • Should I Move To Netherlands From US?

    There are several opportunities in the Netherlands for American expats. All you have to do is move into this beautiful country, and swim the pool of its economic, historical, financial, and cultural glories. Good luck with your move!

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