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Are you sick of all the hustle and bustle of the US? Then, it’s time to consider moving to Ireland from US. Take the biggest step and find yourself savoring the beauty of the Emerald Isle. But what makes Ireland the right country to relocate to?

Ireland, the abode of the memorable Guinness, colcannon, tea, and Irish whiskey, is the country that most US expats consider a home away from home. Judging from Ireland’s history, pub life, the famous Dublin, and acclaimed writers like and Oscar Wilde, there is genuinely a lot of fascination attached to this little but mighty country. No one would want to miss out on all the wonders of this historic territory.

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Cost Of Living In Ireland Vs. US

The cost of living in Ireland is relatively high. It is more expensive when compared to the US, and it is also slightly above the EU’s average cost of living, with its housing cost being the most expensive in the EU.

However, as with any country, some items will always be more costly or cheaper than the others. That is why it is essential to carefully check the numbers and your pocket before relocating to any country. In your case, as an American moving to Ireland from US, you might be startled at the cost of gasoline, new cars, houses, clothes, and medicines. The prices of these items are costly when compared to the US. But what can stand in your way if you truly desire to move to Ireland from US? Nothing!

So, here is a more detailed analysis of the cost of living in Ireland and the US.

Items United States ($) Ireland ($)
Transportation (monthly taxi pass) 3.00 5.60
Internet 65.34 60.35
Monthly rent for a three-bedroom apartment 1,728.98 1,967.44
Basic monthly utilities 162.52 178.77
One liter of gasoline 0.67 1.71
Transportation costs for a new Volkswagen Golf 20,000.00 30,042.33

The plain truth about these estimates is that the actual price of some of the items may be cheaper or more expensive depending on the city you decide to reside in. Notwithstanding, $2,883 is the average monthly living expenses for most people in Ireland. So, ensure to go through them while bearing in mind that you might have to remove some money from ‘thy purse’ and also add some more coins.

Also, the food items’ cost may vary; that is why it wasn’t included in the table. To be on the safer side, get extra cash for purchasing a house either out of a major city or in a city center. Also, get some more money for beer—how ironic that beer would be costly in the home of Guinness! Do not forget to have extra cash for clothes, shoes, cigarettes, restaurants, and cinema tickets because these items are more expensive in the Emerald Isle.

However, never forget that you can significantly reduce the cost of most of the items listed above. The only secret is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, be moderate in your spending, and you can live in Ireland without noticing the significant difference in the cost of living when compared to the United States.


Regardless of how enthralled you are about Ireland’s beautiful landscapes, you just cannot teleport yourself there. Or, maybe we can welcome a real-life Harry Potter into Ireland, who knows? Since teleportation is not possible in real life yet, due processes must be followed to ensure that you move from the US to Ireland.

And as always, to get yourself to the Emerald Isles, you need to get some paperwork ready. These documents are the main facilitators of your final departure to Ireland. Without the required paperwork, you cannot get your visa. Here is a list of some documents necessary to facilitate your relocation to Ireland.

  • Visa application form.
  • Valid passport.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cater for your needs during your stay.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Two passport-sized photographs.
  • Letter of application.
  • Information about visas you were refused in the past.

It is important to remember that you may be asked to get some other documents depending on the type of visa you are applying for.


If you are emigrating to Ireland from the US, you will undoubtedly need to However, as a US citizen, you are permitted to stay in Ireland for ninety days for tourism or business reasons without a visa.

But since you have plans of relocating to Ireland from the USA, you will need to think about your reason for deciding to move from the US to Ireland. This will help you choose the right visa that suits all your needs. So, what are the options available in Ireland? Check out the permits that are available in Ireland.

Work Visa

You can only apply for this visa if you intend to move from the US to Ireland for work purposes. However, you must have a job offer or contract in Ireland if you desire to get a work visa.

Study Visa

Emigrating to Ireland from the US using a study visa requires that you gain admission to a higher institution of learning in Ireland before going through the visa process.

Volunteer Visa

You can only obtain a volunteer visa if you intend to move from the US to Ireland for volunteer work purposes.

Researcher Visa

The Ireland researcher visa permits you to work as a researcher in the Emerald Isle.

Working Holiday Visa

To apply for this visa, you must be a citizen of any country with a working holiday contract with Ireland. And fortunately, the US has a working holiday agreement with Ireland.

Family Reunion Visa

As an American, you will need an Irish family before you can obtain the family reunion visa.

Internship Visa

You can opt for this visa if you plan to move to Ireland from US as a paid intern.

Minister Of Religion Visa

If you are relocating to Ireland from the USA to work as a minister of religion with any certified religious community, this visa is suitable for you.

So, since you have known the available visas, particularly long-stay visas, you can obtain your permit to Ireland by following the guidelines in the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service’s website.


No matter how ecstatic you are about relocating to Ireland from the USA, you might worry about Ireland’s healthcare system, which is entirely understandable. Here is something to relieve you from pondering; the healthcare system in the Emerald Isle is universal. But even with this, you might wonder, ‘is healthcare free in Ireland?’

Is Healthcare Free In Ireland?

Of course, like most EU countries, healthcare is free in Ireland. The healthcare system in Ireland is government-funded and universal. This is why you will enjoy staying in the country, as medical care is available to you for free immediately when you land on the Emerald Isle. How awesome is that!

However, as much as healthcare in Ireland is said to be free, you must meet some requirements to enjoy free medical care. Due to the needs, statistics show that only 30% of Ireland’s population benefits from its free healthcare system. Are you surprised? Please don’t be.

The free medical care in Ireland is available to only medical cardholders. Those who typically qualify for the medical card are people with severe illnesses, low income, and disabilities. That’s why healthcare in Ireland is mainly grouped into those who qualify for medical cards and those who do not.

The eligible people for medical cards do not have to pay for doctor visits and regular checkups. Conversely, those who do not qualify for it pay for health services and doctor visits. Nonetheless, the cost is usually subsidized. So, suppose you didn’t qualify for a medical card; how much does it cost to see a doctor in Ireland?

Cost Of Seeing A Doctor In Ireland

The average cost of visiting a doctor or GP in Ireland is €50. However, you may be asked to pay more if your doctor makes any recommendations after seeing him. But even if you have to pay for doctor visits and other health services because you don’t qualify for a medical card, you can still obtain private health insurance to get you and your family medically covered. However, to get private health insurance, you need to understand how health insurance works in Ireland.

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost In Ireland?

The average annual cost of health insurance in Ireland is €2,059, which is $2,522.43. Private health insurance coverage is the next right option for people who don’t qualify for the Medical Card. Private insurance is also compulsory for international students who intend to move from the US to Ireland to pursue their education.

Here are the four most popular private insurance companies in Ireland.

  • .
  • .
  • .

Job Market

With a score of 80.9, the Emerald Isle sits as the sixth freest economy in the world according to the 2020 Index. Since Ireland is one of the flourishing economies in Europe, it indeed has a lot of employment opportunities. However, to get a job in Ireland, you need to make sure that your job falls into the most needed sectors or skills in the country as that will make things easier for you.

How To Get A Job In Ireland As An American?

As an American, you must get a job offer before moving to Ireland from US. So, to make this possible, you can utilize any of the following.

Irish Job Websites

There are so many websites that give updates about job opportunities in Ireland. And amazingly, this is what most employers use in searching for new staff. Finding a job on one of the job websites gives you the knowledge you need to write your cover letter and prepare your CV to meet the Irish job standards.

Irish Job Agencies

You can utilize any Irish job agency to get yourself a job in the Emerald Isle, but a disclaimer is attached. The only way you can get any of these agencies’ attention is by first moving to Ireland from US, which might negate the visa process of getting a job offer in Ireland before relocating.

Irish Newspapers

This is the traditional method which many people have used to find themselves jobs in Ireland. You can check out job advertisements in Irish newspapers like or

Social Media

The world has truly evolved towards the online sphere, and Ireland isn’t left out. You can find jobs on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

With these avenues listed above, you can secure a job for yourself in the Emerald Isle, provided your skill is highly-demanded and you meet the requirements.

How To Work In Ireland As An American?

Working in Ireland as an American entails that you stick to all the laws guiding the Irish job market. Follow the dress code of your workplace. Also, remember that English is the most used language, so don’t panic.

What Is The Most Common Job In Ireland?

Getting a job in Ireland entails that you know the most needed or common professions in the country. This will help you know if your skill will be appreciated or not in Ireland. That is why it is advisable to assess your skills properly to estimate the pay and appreciation before relocating to Ireland from the USA for work purposes.

So, here is a list of the most common jobs in Ireland.

  • Science and pharmaceutical jobs.
  • Engineering jobs.
  • Content marketing jobs.
  • Language jobs.
  • Hotel general manager.
  • Software architect.
  • Sales director.

Is 30k A Good Salary In Ireland?

In Ireland, getting paid 30,000 Euros is a good start. However, your pay can increase or be slightly higher depending on the company and your skill. Most Americans who move from the US to Ireland do extensive research on their skill–which is the right thing to do– to determine their pay. If you are lucky to learn a good and useful skill or study a high demanded course in the university, your salary can be much higher than €30,000, but it is a good salary for a start.

What Jobs Pay Well In Ireland?

The highest paying job in Ireland not only promises you higher pay but, quite often, lots of employment packages that go a long way in reducing your cost of living in this rather expensive European country. Below is a list of some jobs that pay well in the country and their salaries.

  • Director of operations (€130,000).
  • Finance director (€139,000).
  • Dentist (€91,000).
  • Baker (€84,000).
  • Technical architect (€103,000).
  • Commercial manager (€92,000).

Living In Ireland

It is vital to think about how living in Ireland would affect you as an American. Yes, there is no doubt that the wind of culture shock will hit you, and there will always be some things you will not fancy in the Emerald Isle. However, regardless of the differences, the benefits of moving to Ireland from the US outweigh the disadvantages.

What Is The Safest City In Ireland?

If you’re moving to Ireland from US alone or with your family, it is essential to check for the safest city where you and your family can stay without fear of insecurity. In Ireland, Roscommon is the safest city as there are hardly any insecurity issues compared to Dublin and other major cities. However, it is pertinent to note that no matter how unsafe some towns are in Ireland, Ireland’s crime rate is still lower than that of the US.

Why Is Ireland A Good Place To Live?

There are so many reasons why Ireland is the right place to relocate to, and it is true that if you move to this beautiful island with admirable hills and pub life, you won’t regret it. Here are some reasons why Ireland is worth emigrating to.

Great Literature

Ireland is blessed with great literary giants who have produced works that have been read globally. Consider the works written by James Joyce and Bernard Shaw; it proves that Ireland is the abode of literary muses.

Patrick’s Day

This national holiday that has found its way into the global stage is truly something that makes Ireland enticing. You need to see the mind-blowing local parade.

Home Of Golf And Great Golfers

It is no news that Ireland is the home of the great golfer, Rory McIlory. Ireland has produced more golf courses than any other country in the world. So, what’s not to like?!


Pubs are a part of Irish culture, and it is always an excellent little way to relieve yourself from all stress of the day’s official duties.

Headquarters Of Most Big Companies

Ireland is the European headquarter to most big companies like Google and others. You are sure to gain employment quickly and easily.

How Much Money Do You Need To Live Comfortably In Ireland?

Judging from the average monthly living expenses, which is $2,883, you can live comfortably in Ireland if you have at least $34,596 yearly. Ireland is quite expensive, but this amount would help you keep body and soul together on the island.

LGBT Rights

Ireland is the ninth most LGBT-friendly country in the world. The notion of LGBT has been decriminalized in Ireland since 1993, and same-sex marriage became acceptable in 2015. If you are homosexual, you will not experience any form of discrimination in Ireland, and you are allowed to adopt a stepchild legally under the 2017 Adoption (Amendment) Act in Ireland. So, there’s nothing to be scared about when you are in the first Nation to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote on a national level in 2015.

Ireland is accommodating and enjoyable. There’s nothing to regret about relocation to Ireland from USA. Do you know that full-time workers get at least 20 days off with other additional paid vacations in Ireland? Yes, that is true! So, remember that a lot awaits you in Ireland.


  • What Is It Like Moving From The US To Ireland?

    Moving to Ireland from US isn’t difficult at all. Ireland is a beautiful and accommodating country. So, moving to Ireland is like moving to the home of historic wonder mixed with the craic.

  • Who Do I Talk To Concerning Moving To Ireland From US?

    If you plan to move from the US to Ireland, it is recommended that you check out the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service’s website. Otherwise you can meet any legal adviser or immigration agent to help you with your relocation.

  • What Is The Quarantine For Dogs If Moving To Ireland From US?

    If you are moving to Ireland from US with your pet, you need to follow all the guidelines to ensure that your pet is not quarantined. Some of the policies include.

    1. Your dog(s) must be treated for tapeworm.
    2. Your pet(s) must have an EU passport.
    3. Your dog(s) must be transported by a certified pet carrier or airline.
    4. Your pet(s) must have had a rabies vaccination.
    5. Your pet(s) should be identified by a microchip.
    6. Your pet(s) must arrive five days before or after your arrival in Ireland.
    7. You are not permitted to take more than five pets.
  • Can I Take My Car With Me When Moving From The US To Ireland?

    Of course, you can take your car with you by merely shipping it over to Ireland. To ship your car to Ireland from the USA, you don’t need any special requirements or documents. All that is needed is a passport, bill of sale, and an original title.

  • How To Transfer Money When Moving From The US To Ireland?

    You can transfer money from the USA to Ireland using any of these legally approved money transfer services.

    1. Transferwise
    2. OFX
    3. WorldRemit
    4. XE
    5. Xoom
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