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Ever considered relocating to a beautiful, sunny destination with your family? Then the Republic of Cyprus is the perfect place for you to relocate with your close ones. From breathtaking sandy beaches to bustling cities, Cyprus has a legion of things to offer each of us. The country has a subtropical climate, and the weather could range from mild to hot in the summer season. The country also offers astonishing archaeological sites and is indeed a great destination to be with your close kin. This post will explore much about Cyprus, its visa requirements, living conditions, and the general trends you don’t want to miss to fit into its wondrous culture seamlessly.

Relocating to Cyprus will definitely require transporting your belongings. Thus, you should be acquainted with a moving company that can take care of all your luggage and makes your relocation process easy and smooth. We at earthrelo are specialists in moving packages from the US to countries like Cyprus, Luxembourg, Belgium, etc. Whether you are looking for someone to assist you in storing or a company that can help you transfer your valuables and heavy furniture, feel free to contact us. Our client-oriented organization will be more than happy to work for you.

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Cost Of Moving To Cyprus From The US

The cost of moving to a country as splendid as Cyprus can be difficult to determine as it depends on several factors, such as the purpose of your move, the duration of your visit, and so forth. However, let us break down some common charges you may have to shoulder if you are moving to Cyprus. For example, an IELTS exam to test your English language skills would cost around €210. Further, a student visa application would hover around 15 to 30 Euros.

Cheapest shipping options
There are multiple ways to ship to Cyprus, and choosing the most economical way will be a task that you should consider. However, some of the common shipping methods include drop-offs, international drop-offs, EMS parcels, etc. What is perhaps more important is choosing a reputable moving company so that your goods reach safely and smoothly. earthrelo is a premium relocation company that will transport your items efficiently and without delay. We, as a firm, work to provide quality services to our clients by making them our top priority. You can entrust us with your belongings because we safeguard and protect your valuables during the process. Moving to Cyprus can be daunting, but we are here to make it easier for you.

Relocation in Cyprus is not so expensive when compared to the US. Both countries are beautiful in their own ways. Well, one can say from the below-mentioned estimated prices that Cyprus offers more than it is worth. Note that this table will shed light on the expenses of living in Cyprus and compare them with the life in the US.

Service Cyprus (EU) US(Dollar)
Restaurant basic meal €12 $15
Monthly public transit €40 $65
Basic housing €570 $1,450
Local cheese €4 $6

Cost Of Housing In Cyprus Compared To The USA

The cost of housing in Cyprus is pretty affordable when compared to the housing scenario in the US. Though there are many prominent housing locations in the United States, Cyrpus offers more affordable options without sacrificing quality.

Housing structure Cyprus (EU) US(Dollar)
1 bedroom(City Centre) €450 $1,200
1 bedroom(Downtown) €570 $1,500
Internet utility €35 $70

Visa Process And Requirements

The visa requirement in Cyprus is pretty straightforward. Citizens of the EU, the United States, and the UK do not require a visa to travel to this country, which offers unique and attractive places to visit. However, all other nationals are required to carry a valid visa with them while traveling to Cyprus. As a result, visa requirements may differ from country to country. To ensure an uninterrupted stay and effective removals to Cyprus, all foreign visitors must have a passport valid for at least 6 months.

It is imperative to understand that the Cyprus visa essentials could vary depending on the country that you are in and the type of visa that you are planning to register for. Let us now look at the documents needed to apply for a Cyprus visa.

Cyprus Visa Application:
The Cyprus visa application form can be processed on the official website of the Cyprus Embassy.

Legal passport
It is essential to carry a valid passport if you are planning a leisurely visit or permanent relocation to this country of job opportunities and friendly locals. Further, make sure that your passport has a validity of at least three months from the day you wish to leave the country and decide on the removals in Cyprus.

Visa photos in accordance with Cyprus visa criteria
Two visa photos have to be submitted along with the application form, considering some crucial dimensions and peculiarities like a specific dimension of 40 mm x 50 mm, a white background serving as the backdrop, the face taking up to 70 percent of the space, etc.

Proof of residence
A foreign national from a different part of the world must carry proof of residence in Cyprus to ensure a speedy verification of your visa application. Furthermore, this legal proof must be valid for at least three months from the date you intend to leave Cyprus.

Proof of accommodation
While visiting the country, it is paramount to show proof of accommodation in the form of a hotel reservation or a letter from a host. This can also include any kind of tourist accommodation that you have booked before traveling to Cyprus.

Proof of visa fee payment
A clear understanding of the Cyprus consulate’s preferred payment method for the visa fee will give you the upper hand. There are distinct types of visas available as per the duration and purpose of your visit.

Proof of funds
The proof of funds requirement is to ensure you have sufficient funds to cover the entire length of your stay in Cyprus. This includes submitting various documents, such as bank statements, savings books, etc.

Air tickets
You are supposed to submit proof of your flight ticket, which may have been pre-booked.

Cover letter (as per requirement)
The cover letter has to comprise an introduction explaining who you are and the reasons for your visit.

Health insurance and travel
Travel Health insurance is a crucial document you must submit for your visa approval. A minimum of €30,000 in insurance coverage must be purchased from a registered company. This insurance plan will possibly cover medical emergencies. Further, you must provide proof that you already have an insurance premium that can be accessed abroad.

Visa type Visa fee
Visa Extension €30
Long stay visa €60
Airport Transit Visa €15
Pro Visa (Visa on arrival) €20
Short-stay visa €20
Multiple entry visa(1-5 years) €60

Healthcare Options In Cyprus

The public healthcare system in Cyprus is pretty advanced enough to provide vast range of services to its residents. The Ministry of Health in Cyprus is the exclusive and competent authority that renders essential healthcare services and governs the whole nine yards of the healthcare system in Cyprus. The services may be classified based on fields such as dental, pharmaceutical, general diagnosis, etc.

Regarding the private healthcare scenario in Cyprus, it offers a slew of benefits to expats. Most foreigners consult with physicians at private hospitals due to these additional perks and benefits. The public system extends to more than 80% of residents. Further, it is essential to note that patients may have to pay beforehand to access treatment at private hospitals. It is always a good idea to check your insurance to see what treatments are covered.

Jobs For Americans In Cyprus

Finding a suitable job in tandem with your skills, along with the competition from locals in Cyprus, can be difficult. However, fret not; there are multiple ways to increase your employment prospects. Suppose you are an engineer or an IT professional. In that case, it is easy for you to get hired due to the high demand in fields related to information technology, such as finance, telecommunications, electronics, etc.


Cyprus indeed offers some really scrumptious cuisines. Another interesting thing to be noted is that it has a close resemblance to Greek food. Similar foods such as goubes, stuffed wine leaves, and other delicious foods make it all the more mouth-watering. Thus, one could tell from these cuisines that Greek is not so separated from Cyprus. Also, during your stay there, you should also check out these traditional luscious Cypriot foods such as pita bread, Afelia (pork), and souvlakia, which will leave you spellbound.

Living In Cyprus As An American

The most attractive thing about Cyprus is its affordability. Living in the Republic is like living a dream. The laid-back weather and lifestyle will ensure that you are free from stress and anxiety. Here, the work culture is not hectic. You take your life at your own pace. You enjoy every moment, although you get things done. Here, there is a strong influence of Mediterranean culture, which focuses on a slow pace rather than the fast pace we are accustomed to in several parts of the US.

Size of the island: This gorgeous country has a small size. Cyprus is the ideal destination for those looking to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

When moving abroad, what comes as a hindrance to a lot of people planning to migrate is the language. As a major English-speaking country, it is easy to get acquainted with the spoken language. The language is routinely used here in almost all parts of the day.

The country offers peaceful climate to its visitors due to the lot of visual treats that it offers in terms of natural beauty, architectural styles, and plenty of cathedrals. The country also has one of the lowest crime rates in all of Europe, which makes it a top bucket list location for every traveler.

Best Places To Live In Cyprus As An American

Cyprus is an internally divided island, with thousands of Greek Cypriots living in the south and Turkish Cypriots in the north. Although the country is reduced to the size of a small island, it has everything to offer, from towering fortresses to soothing villages to spectacular orchards. Move to Cyprus today with your family.


Argos is undeniably one of the most intriguing villages in the Cypriot territory. The village is associated with a monastery that housed around 40 monks and served as an excellent site for pilgrimages from all over the city to visit. This landmark in the Cyprus Mountains is a must visit.

Revered as the capital city of Cyprus, this is by far one of the fascinating places that you can come across in entire Cyprus. This place holds stories of the past coupled with a wholesome heritage. If you are coming to the country anytime during the winter, do not forget to behold the sheer beauty of this fabulous site.

The Temple of Aphrodite
This magnificent construction has been enhanced by different governments through the decades and is cherished for being one of the unique Greek temples of the time. This grand temple features shades of Greek and Roman culture. In addition, it stands tall as an abode for superior artifacts restored from a time gone by of the Greeks and Romans.


  • 1. Is Cyprus A Good Place To Live?

    Cyprus is indeed one of the most beautiful destinations that anyone can think of due to its excellent weather, low crime rates, and friendly residents.

  • 2. Where Is Cyprus Located?

    The exact location is to the west of Egypt and towards Turkey’s south.

  • 3. Is Cyprus More Affordable Than The UK?

    As per surveys, the UK is approximately 56.8% more expensive than Cyprus, thus making it a highly valued country that you can relocate to.


Be it for starting a new life with your family or heading to the country for a job; earthrelo will ensure that you get only top-notch services in terms of packaging and luggage transfer. So, let us collaborate and make your move memorable.

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