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Who wouldn’t want to visit or move to the land ‘Down Under’ and enjoy its humor and cultural diversity? There are indeed many fascinating things about Australia that tugs at the heartstrings of so many US expats. If you are thinking of moving to Australia from US, you are not making the wrong decision. But considering the distance from the United States to Australia, how hard is it to move to Australia from US?

Moving to Australia as an American is not entirely complicated. All that is needed is to get all the necessary documents and meet the age requirement to obtain a visa. To make things easier, the  has provided so many options to obtain visas to Australia. However, to get a visa, you will need quite a lot of money to meet all the financial requirements.

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Cost Of Moving To Australia From US

The cost of moving is solely dependent on the number of people moving to Australia. If you are moving with your family, you will have more expenses, but if you are moving to Australia by yourself, the cost will reduce to a considerable degree.

Another thing that can affect the cost of moving to Australia is the visa and other fees like the visa application fee, IELTS test fee, skill assessment application fee, and police clearance certificate fee. However, when considering the cost of moving to Australia from US, never forget that the price depends on your visa application expenses and other expenses like getting a migration agent, airfares, and shipping expenses.

To move from the United States to Australia, prices start at $1,500 for small apartments and such. Most customers who move to Australia use a 20-foot container to move all their household items.

An average customer has around 1,000 cubic feet to transport to their destination. The total volume of a 20-foot container is 1,172 cubic feet, a perfect amount with some buffer space if you want to take along some extra items. This amounts to a total of $6,000. This includes shipping, handling, crating, door-to-door service and more.

*These are not cost estimates for your move. Moving to Sydney might cost different than moving to Melbourne. Also, it may cost different depending on where you are moving from. These are simply the average costs of customers who have moved with us before.

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Process Of Moving To Australia From US

As with relocating to any country, some specific processes or steps must be duly followed to achieve your goal. So, to move to Australia from US, you need to take the following steps.

More Americans than ever are deciding to ‘up sticks’ and move to the Australia. This can be a daunting process to undertake, so we have put together some advice and information to help make the process easier. Please note, there are numerous visa options and entry routes available moving to the Australia, and even more rules and requirements to meet.

We have included the information you are most likely to need to move to the Australia to work or study. This is on the assumption you have no other routes in, such as family who are currently Australia citizens or any hereditary entitlement. Any of which can fast-track the process. All facts and figures are correct at time of print and subject to change.

Understand why you need to move

The most important fact to know about this visa is that you have to find work before you make the leap to arrive in Australia, as mentioned earlier. Be prepared for a lot of logistics and paperwork!

Once you find a job, you will need to go through having your work contract approved by the Australian Labour Ministry. Additionally, the employer and company that decides to hire you will need to explain why they are hiring you, and not an Australian! So be ready to handle all of this if you do decide to get a work visa.

The reason behind your move to Australia from US would help you decide the type of visa that best suits your needs to ensure that you achieve your dreams of living in the land ‘Down Under’. Your reason for traveling immensely determines the kind of visa you apply for. If you are moving to Australia to get a temporary job before making up your mind to move entirely to the country, you will need a working holiday visa. However, if you are strictly moving to Australia from US for employment purposes, you might be asking, what is a decent salary in Australia?

Salaries in Australia depend solely on the level of experience, education, and the industry or nature of your job. You can earn a minimum yearly income of AUD 23,000, an average annual income of AUD 90,800, and a maximum average annual income of $405,000, ceteris paribus.

Also, as your level of experience increases, so does your income. So, with five years’ experience, your salary increases by 36%. Ten years’ experience would earn you an increased salary of 21%, and fifteen years’ experience can drastically increase your salary by 14%.

Experience Years Income %
2-5 Years 36%
5-10 Years 32%
10-15 Years 21%
15-20 Years 14%
20+ Years 9%

Know the numbers and requirements

After considering why you need to move to Australia, it would also help to know the cost. This will help you get a rough estimate of the total expenses or cost of relocating to Australia. For instance, knowing that the IELTS test fee costs $375.00 would help you understand what you are getting into.

Also, to get a permanent visa in Australia, you must not be over 44 years of age. But what happens when you are over 44? Can you emigrate to Australia at 60?

Moving to Australia when you are over 44 can be quite difficult and expensive, but there are a few options available for you at 60. If you already have kids who are permanent residents of Australia, you can apply for a parent visa. However, to obtain the parent visa, you would need to pass the balance of family test, which would earn you some points. Bear in mind that the parent visa is quite expensive; it costs AUD 40,000.

Another alternative to the 189 visas is the investment or business visa. This requires a high investment, but you might be able to pull this off if you are a genuine investor.

So, understanding the requirements will help you get ready for all the protocols and paperwork. Also, it will give you the confidence you need to be a full-fledged permanent resident in Australia.

Apply for a visa

Once you are sure that you completely understand all the necessary details, you can then apply for a visa. Most people use a migration agent; you might consider using one. But ensure that you provide the required documents.

Get ready to move

Once you have applied atained your visa, you can start packing for Australia. So, what things should you bring when moving to Australia from US?

Packing your things for Australia dramatically deals with the kind of visa you applied for and your personality and lifestyle. If you applied for a working holiday visa, your packing would be slightly different from those who applied for permanent resident visas. So, what is the packing list for moving to Australia from US with a working holiday visa?

  1. Toiletries.
  2. A few clothes (Australians have their style and fashion. With time, you would begin to feel odd wearing your clothes).
  3. Keychain LED flashlight.
  4. Sewing kit.
  5. Waterproof phone case.
  6. Packing cubes.
  7. Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  8. Affordable yet quality sun hat.
  9. Slip-on mesh water shoes.
  10. A good quick-dry towel.

The best way to reduce the stress of packing is by hiring a professional moving company as Earthrelo. Our efficient packers will save you all the trouble and time. Click here to talk to our moving expert.

There is no binding packing list; your lifestyle informs what you decide to remove or add to your packing list. But overall, make your list small to avoid packing things you will not use.

The final move

This step is to get yourself in Australia and have a taste of its humor and language with a tinge of British spellings as a Seppo (American).

How to Move to Australia From US

If you decided that your stay in Australia was done, and you would love to move to Australia from US, this is how it is done.

Apply for a visa

The first thing to do when relocating to America from Australia is to apply for a visa. You must consider why you need to move to America from Australia. If you are hoping to get a student visa, you will need to gain admission to any university in the United States. If you are an Australian student and wish to study in the United States, you will most likely apply for an F-1 or J-1 visa. So, apply for the visa that best suits your needs.

Get enough cash

Relocating to America from Australia requires money, just like any other migration. You need enough cash to cover your expenses and meet all the monetary requirements for your visa. To migrate to the US from Australia, you need to assure the US’s authorities that you have enough cash not to constitute a nuisance during your stay. If you are relocating to America as a student, you have to prove that you can afford your tuition.

Get the required documents

One thing that is common when it comes to relocating and visa applications is that you have to make sure that you get all the required documents ready. When it comes to relocating to America from Australia, you will need essential documents like,

  1. Birth Certificate.
  2. Valid passport.
  3. Drivers license.
  4. Marriage certificate (If you are already married).
  5. Immunization.
  6. School report from the last country.
  7. Family health records.
  8. Tax and financial records.
  9. Documents for translation.
  10. Insurance policy.

Schedule your meeting with the US Consulate

If you want to migrate to the US from Australia, you would have to schedule a one-on-one visa meeting with the US Consulate. Also, take the required papers to the visa meeting. If everything works out well, you will receive your new visa within ten days.

Hire professional movers.

Let the expert moving company like Earthrelo take care of your move. Earthrelo’s affordable moving services will save you a lot of time and make your moving experience more enjoyable. Start by clicking here.

Get ready to travel

Book your flight and get all your things and documents ready to move to America from Australia.

Benefits Of Moving To Australia

If you are still keen on moving to Australia from US, here are the benefits of moving to Australia from US as a ‘Seppo.’

Job Opportunities

One of the benefits of moving to Australia is the availability of employment opportunities. As a US expat who has an interest in relocating to Australia, you would have a wide range of job opportunities at your fingertips. But can a US citizen work in Australia?

The truth is that any US citizen who intends to work in Australia first has to obtain a visa. So, you can’t work in Australia till you have gotten your visa to Australia. But after getting a visa, you will certainly enjoy working, especially when your profession falls Into the skill list. The land ‘Down Under’ tends to appreciate whatever skill you have and reward you with good pay.

Beautiful Beaches

Australia is blessed with so many beautiful beaches. Imagine a country with about 10,685 beautiful beaches to relax after a hectic or busy week. What else comes close to that?!

Wild Animals

This might seem a little weird, but you can relocate to Australia because of your love of animals. It’s no secret that Australia is the home to snakes and other amazing yet wild creatures worldwide. But the wilder it is, the more adventurous!

Get Your Veggies From Your Garden

In Australia, it is 100% normal to get your vegetables and fruits from your garden. This is something that seldom happens in America. So, if you are thrilled by the thought of getting your fruits pure and without fertilizers and chemicals, Australia awaits you.

Less Crowded Streets

Unlike in the US, Australian streets are always less crowded. Here, you can enjoy the adventure, quiet time, and less noisy environment that gives you the time to think clearly.

Requirements For Moving To Australia

So, this where all the paperwork comes in. We all indeed hate red-tapism, but how on earth would you move to Australia from US without all the red tape? There is no way, so we say, ‘yes way, José’ to all that paperwork for now. So, here is a list of all the things you need to move to Australia regarding the documents or paperwork.

  • Marriage license.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Drivers license.
  • University transcript.
  • Police clearance.
  • Two current passport photographs.
  • Valid passport.
  • Visa payment fee.
  • Already completed visa application form.
  • Verified pages of your travel documentation and your authentic passport.

Apart from the requirements listed above, you need to meet the age requirement (44 years) if you intend to get a permanent resident visa. And you need to understand that more documents may be required depending on the type of visa you are applying for. Also, it is not compulsory, but it is advisable to take the IELTS test.

Moving To Australia From US: Tips

As an American, there are some things you need to know before taking the giant leap of moving to the land of golden sunshine and beautiful landscapes. So, while getting set to move to the land ‘Down Under’, here are some helpful tips for you as an American.

Accept The Difference

Australia is very different from the US. So, if you plan to live and have a good relationship with the Aussies, you will need to accept the cultural differences. Go with the flow, learn the slangs, and never criticize their sense of humor. Australians are quite friendly and more than happy to teach you anything, including how to drive on the left. Winks.

It's Not Always The Same Weather Everywhere

If you ever thought that the whole of Australia is just a sunny place, then you have been wrong. Australia has different cities or towns with varying conditions of weather. And don’t forget that it snows too.

Never Go Off The Grid

Since Australia is filled with so many beautiful landscapes, you might be tempted to wander around to be a landscape or nature photographer. That is fine but never go too far. Know when you have strayed too far to avoid getting lost in a wild and deserted area.

The Number To Call Is 000, Not 911

If you are in trouble, do not dial 911. You will only be disappointed, so instead call 000 when you are in danger.


  • Do I Have To Quarantine My Pet When Moving To The US From Australia?

    No, you don’t have to quarantine your pet when moving to the US from Australia. There are other requirements, including a health certificate issued by a veterinarian that allows your pet to fly.

  • How Long Can A US Citizen Stay In Australia?

    US citizens who intend to visit ‘Down Under’ for business and tourism reasons for less than 90 days can obtain the Electronic Travel Authority from the website. However, if they intend to stay for more than 90 days, they will need to obtain a visa.


So, now that you have learnt (Australian spelling of learned) everything you need to know about moving to Australia from US and relocating to America from Australia, you are more than prepared to migrate already. Don’t wait. Call us today! Australia is waiting for you!

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