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Considered the eighth-largest country globally, Argentina is home to the largest Spanish-speaking population on earth. Having one of the top biologically diverse ecosystems in the entire world, Argentina has 3 oceanic zones, 15 continental zones, and the Antarctic region. Because of the flourishing market size and stability, Argentina is regarded as a middle emerging economy and is ranked as the highest on the HDI(Human Development Index). This holds tremendous lucrative opportunities for expats. Moving to Argentina from American is easy unless you are entirely educated about the culture, work background, rules, laws, and visa restrictions.

Having said that, if you are moving to Argentina from US, here is a comprehensive country guide for you. Furthermore, while relocation, one major thing to worry about includes a complicated move. Hence, before shipping your goods to Argentina, make sure you reach out to the leading team of movers and packers that ship your goods without damage. When you connect with us, we provide you with a seamless moving transition with top-notch services. Being the international US to Argentina movers, we are here to help you with our incredible set of relocation services at every step of international relocation right from packing to delivering. On that note, let’s get straight into the discussion.

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What Is The Process Of Relocating To Argentina From US?

While immigrating to relocate internationally, one thing that needs utmost attention is the cost of moving. Similarly, while relocating to Argentina from US, the relocation cost depends on a variety of factors. Additionally, the transit time depends on the route of shipping: cargo, air, or sea. While parcel shipping takes a lesser amount of time, ocean freight shipping takes weeks. Below is a detailed table of the average transit times by air and ocean freight shipping.

Time Taken To Ship From US To Argentina

Shipping Duration
Parcel Shipping 1-3 days
Air Freight Shipping 2-5 days
Ocean Freight Shipping 3-5 weeks

Estimated Parcel Cost Of Shipping From US To Argentina

This includes door-to-door shipping with the economy, express, or saver service options. Parcel shipping requires 1-5 days of delivery time. It is ideal for shipping packs, small packages, envelopes, and boxes up to 250lbs.

Parcel Cost
Envelope $35.70
1lb. $43.30
5lbs. $97.61
10lbs. $149.77

This is a reliable and fast option while relocating. Air freight shipping is ideal for shipping pallets and boxes from 250lbs. to 3.500lbs.

Estimated Air Freight Cost Of Shipping From US To Argentina

Weight Cost
Min $140.00
+45kg $4.26 per kg
+300kg $1.65 per kg
+1000kg $1.15 per kg

Estimated Ocean Freight Cost Of Shipping From US To Argentina

This is one of the most efficient and affordable options to move goods. Ocean freight shipping is ideal for shipping boxes, pallets, and full container loads from 250lbs. to 45.000lbs.

Container Cost
20ft Container $704.00
40ft Container $979.00

US Expat Living In Argentina

Argentina is an exceptional spot for expats who wish to move abroad. Being massive, you can consider a few of the spots listed below for your expat stay in Argentina.

Buenos Aires

Being the capital city and the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires is four times the size of Chicago. The city has a gritty, excellent mix, artsy, and chill vibes. It revolves around the excellence of New York while providing tons of housing options at affordable prices. Nightlife in BA is quite intense and transportation is quite cheap.


Everywhere you go and turn, you come across the picturesque Andes residing in the background that nestles up with Chile. If you are a huge fan of wine and you own a car, this place is a must-visit in Argentina.


With beautiful glacial lakes, mountains, wildflowers, living in Bariloche seems like living in the Swiss Alps. This places involves some excellent craft beer scenes, world-class skiing, Lago Nahuel Huapi, kiteboarding, and intriguing and secluded beaches.


It has an excellent city vibe and is less congested than Buenos Aires. Additionally, the city is perfect if you want to experience some spectacular hiking.


This destination is heaven for individuals who are nature/outdoor lovers. The climate here is similar to Arizona or New Mexico accompanied by limitless bottles of inexpensive big reds, perfect empanadas in the country, and crisp whites.

Working: American Moving To Argentina

To be very precise, the recent economic crisis led several Argentinians to lose their jobs. However, with the improvement in the situation, there are several opportunities that are awaiting for expats in Argentina. People who have excellent command over Spanish can get excellent job designations in Argentina.

However, expats must be ready to work at low salaries at the initial stage compared to the Western country salaries. If your moving to Argentina from America, then you can find work in the educational sector.

Being an English teacher is a prestigious and common job in Argentina. There are a lot of job opportunities available for Native English speakers. The tourist industry is another field where expats can earn a good salary. However, one thing to be noted is to own a work visa. Without a work visa, expats cannot work legally in Argentina.

Quick Facts About Argentina

Category Information
Capital Buenos Aires
Timezone UTC-3 (ART)
Currency Argentine Peso ($) (ARS)
Population 45,605,826 (as of 2021)
Official language Spanish
Dialing code +54
Internet TLD .ar
Driving On the right side

Health Care System In Argentina

Argentina provides both private healthcare universal systems to all its residents. Although public healthcare is entirely available for everyone, few workers need to hold proper health insurance that is run by labor unions. The Ministry of Health(MSAL) looks after each of these kinds of healthcare thus making sure that clinics and hospitals are regulated with exceptional standards. Ideally, the healthcare system in Argentina is divided into 3 sectors: Public, Private, and Social Security.

Expats in Argentina can have access to private as well as public healthcare easily. Usually, expats prefer private healthcare as they are similar to the level of care provided in the US. There are no waiting times and no bulk paperwork.

  • Public Healthcare: Almost more than half the Argentinian residents use public health services. It offers free medical, hospital, dental, and palliative care along with free rehab, prosthetics, and medical transport. The only time you need to pay is for chronic conditions. However, waiting lists for public healthcare are quite long. Hence, maximum people prefer private healthcare.
  • Private Healthcare: One of the best healthcare services in South America is Argentina. In cities like Mendoza, Buenos Aires, La Plata, and Salta, expats get an incredible level of professional care. However, in rural areas, the standard may vary. Expats can sign up for private healthcare cover with quite a low cost of $40 to $50 per month. You don’t require any residency visa for this. Expats merely need any ID proof. The best part is, most doctors are trained overseas, and hence finding an English-speaking physician is not a big deal.

Housing In Argentina

With tons of accommodation available in Argentina, finding a house is not really difficult. Irrespective of the reason for your visit, you can easily get a proper housing solution. Although prices are quite affordable, they may vary with Seasonal demands, tourist/academic year. However, when you move to Argentina from US, you can stay in convenient accommodation like hostels, family homestay, or pension houses.

Rents in Argentina can either be furnished or unfurnished as per urban and rural areas. A common duration for a lease agreement is 2 years to 10 years. Short-term rental agreements can be built to meet the demands of expats. In case you sign a two-year lease, you need a mandatory occupation of a minimum of 6 months. Furthermore, neither you nor the landlord can break the lease prior to this period. In addition, both the tenant and the landlord are required to sign the rental contract which is usually valid for 2 years. Alongside, you need to sign an affidavit called convenion de desocupacion. With this document, the landlord gets the right to end the contract in case they face any major problem with the tenant.

Rent is generally paid monthly. Tenants need to provide at least one month’s rent along with a security deposit while signing the contract. All the expenses like gas, electricity, water, telephone, and Internet are usually not included in the rent. You need to pay it separately. Accommodation prices are generally determined by location and size.

Note: Beware of landlords who ask for a security deposit of more than two or more months. This is illegal as per housing laws in Argentina.

Visa For Moving To Argentina from US

Obtaining a visa in Argentina involves a lot of hassle besides being lengthy. It requires an in-person interview at the immigration office in Buenos Aires. The good news is that the citizens of the US do not require a visa for 90 days of business visits or vacation visits. In case you wish to stay longer, you need to contact your Argentinian Embassy. Below are a few visas accepted in Argentina.

Tourism and Business Visa

Expats who travel to Argentina for business and tourism purposes issue a 90-day visa upon arrival. However, as per the law, US citizens need to pay a reciprocity fee of around 160 USD for 10 years before entering Argentina. This is usually paid online. Each time you enter the country, you need to show a receipt of proof of payment. Hence, make sure you have enough copies of it.

Student visa

Expats can apply for this visa only if they have enrolled in an Argentinian institution approved by the Argentinian immigration department. This visa is valid as per the Duration of the course. Additionally, it cannot be renewed.

Contracted Personnel Visa

For individuals who plan to visit Argentina for stay and work, this visa is valid. However, the Argentinian company must be registered with the immigration ministry to hire foreign workers. Usually, expats can apply for this visa before or after entering the country. In certain cases, you need to offer certified copies of your credentials along with past work experience.

Financier Visa

Any expat who can show a guaranteed income of at least 8,500 ARS (roughly 2,200 USD) per month and promise to deposit it in an Argentinian bank can apply for this visa. The salary can be from annuities, investments, dividends, or settlements. However, as long as the individual can produce documentation that proves the income, they can stay and apply for a Financier visa.

Pensioner Visa

For pensioner visas, individuals need to prove a minimum income of 8,500 ARS (about 2,200 USD monthly. The stipend can be from private pensions or government pensions. Moreover, individuals need to prove a minimum amount of 8,500 ARS deposited in an Argentinian bank every month.

That said, if you are planning to stay in Argentina on a temporary or extended basis, you need to apply for a National Identity Card(DNI) within 90 days of entering the country. The DNI number is vital to contract rent apartments, utility services, and make huge purchases.

In case you wish to be a permanent resident/ citizen of Argentina, you need to go through a fair list of requirements.

These include:

  • You must be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • You should stay in Argentina for at least 2 years consistently
  • Your citizenship application should be submitted to a federal judge
  • You should not have a criminal record in your home country or Argentina
  • You must not be in jail for more than 3 years
  • You should not be prosecuted for a crime
  • Should not engage in any illegal activities

With this, the court will need proof of your legal residency along with your ability to understand the Spanish language. You need original and certified copies of your birth certificate and passport. However, bear in mind that the Argentina government does not entertain dual citizenship.

Education In Argentina For Americans

Argentina has a thriving education reputation globally. As a parent, expats can always count on Argentina education. Here, schooling starts at the pre-primary level having kindergarten for kids aged 2-5. However, kindergarten (educación inicial) is not mandatory for everyone. Later, primary schooling begins at the age of 6 and is compulsory for age 14.

Compulsory education involves 2 options. Either 7 years of primary school and 5 years of secondary school or 6 years of primary school and 6 years of secondary school. Furthermore, adding the final year of preschool makes a total of 13 years of compulsory schooling for kids in Argentina.

Even secondary education is classified into 2 levels. The lower secondary offers general education while the upper secondary offers students to specialize. Upon completion of secondary school, students can enrol in any state university in Argentina. Private universities might have extra admission rules and regulations.

When it comes to language, English is considered an important foreign language while Spanish dominates in maximum classrooms. Younger kids can pick a foreign quickly within 6 months. Usually, expats prefer private schools and universities due to language requirements.

Generally, the academic year in Argentina runs from March to December. Summer holidays start from December to March. However, expats who wish to enrol for a university in Argentina need to have a student visa besides checking the fact that their educational credentials meet the requirements of the Argentinian university.

Cost Of living in Argentina

Having developed a reputation of being an affordable and cheapest place in South America, Argentina offers a brilliant standard of life and living for expats paid in pounds, Euros, or dollars. Below is a quick breakdown of the costs of living in Argentina.

Average ARS
Average US Dollar
Meal at inexpensive restaurant
Domestic Beer
Loaf of Bread
Water (0.33 liter bottle)
Electricity, heating, cooling, etc
Internet (60 Mbps, unlimited data)


Amidst offering a high cost of living due to its unique identity, Argentina is undoubtedly a phenomenal expat destination. However, it is not about relocating but moving. If you are searching for reliable international packers, we’re the US to Argentina movers, connect with us for a FREE quote.

We offer the best set of relocation services along with all the significant custom processes. Our moving company to Argentina from US offers comprehensive packing, shipping, and unpacking at cost-effective rates.

Being certified and licensed US To Argentina Movers, our team of professionals is committed to delivering quality services to assist you for US to movers. Reach out to us today and get free quotations along with shipping advice at efficient and reasonable costs!

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